Go Hardd Entertainment

GO HARDD ENTERTAINMENT, MANAGEMENT, PRODUCTIONS & PROMOTIONS (2008) restructured (2016) formerly Go Hardd Entertainment (1997, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2015) – is a compilation of all of the divisions of The Go Hardd Corporations, Inc. and services the corporate brand to the fullest.

  • GO HARDD ENTERTAINMENT- We host shows, events, festivals, release parties, live streams, podcasts, film/TV/video/music productions, concerts, tours, comedy and much more.
  • We manage songwriters, djs and performing artists and service independent artists, labels, producers, managers, agents, filmmakers, studios, promoters, and brands.
  • From artist development to branding, to marketing & advertisement, to promotional and social media campaigns…WE DO IT ALL!

Go Hardd Recordings

GO HARDD RECORDINGS – Independent record label contracting songwriters, performing artists, producers, and publishers whom we offer Recording and/or Publishing Deals to the entertainment industry for the purpose of creating intellectual properties for music releases, soundtracks, television, commercials, videos, film, and other licensed usages.

Go Hardd Publishing

GO HARDD PUBLISHING – Represents performing artists, songwriters, music producers, record labels, and publishers in the registration, licensing, publishing, and royalty management and distribution services of intellectual property.

Go Hardd International

GO HARDD INTERNATIONAL- Global Sales, Distribution, and E-commerce for domestic and international markets

Go Hardd Investments, LLC

GO HARDD INVESTMENTS, LLC- Comprised of joint venture deals entered by its managing members, Go Hardd Investments has acquired business and investment assets in various products, companies, and other joint ventures that has created a well-rounded portfolio of impressive assets that back The Go Hardd Corporations, Inc. empire.